This behavior of the Greeks who live comfortably under Ottoman patronage as a betrayal, but his friend Niko’dan can not break. His friendship with the Greeks is noticed by the town and excludes the town of Salih. Salih is now constantly circulating around Niko and His circle. The confidence of the Ottoman and the Sultan was shaken. He lost the life of his arm was great. Salih, who believes that no one has shown her the respect she deserves, drew herself out of prayer.


On the other hand, the people have decided not to remain unresponsive to the occupations, but there is a confusion with whom to do it. Saleh gained the reaction of their town as the days went by and now it has become undesirable. In the meantime, a teacher is sent to the town called Istanbul Hoca. The purpose of being sent from Istanbul is to provide the idea of ​​encouragement to the sultan and the Ottomans in the town. Hodja is really a very influential person and he will be appreciated and appreciated by the public.


In sermons, he conveys his views in favor of the Ottoman sultan and religion to the congregation. In the meantime, the country is not the opposite of the idea of ​​Hodja, but an organization that can be the hope of salvation is established. This organization called m Kuvayı Milliye iye was established to prevent occupations in Anatolia and to get rid of the yoke of Istanbul and the sultan’s rule. But the work of Kuvayı Milliye is very difficult. There are many organizations in the country against occupations or occupations. Kuvayı Milliye before these organizations should take to their side or should eliminate. The sermons of Hodja also contradict the principles of Kuvayı Milliye. Every time the teacher talks about loyalty to the sultan, Kuvayi Milliye aims to get rid of the Sultan and establish a new administration. Here, because of all these conflicts, the Kuvayi Milliye supporters and Hodja between an electrification and confrontation occurs. Hodja is very popular because the public is a good and right person in every way. However, Hodja, in his own hands, has been questioning the question of whether his work is really true or not, the suspicion of the authenticity of the security of the Sultan. The confrontation between the pilgrims and the Hodja takes the form of time and the opposing ideas are explained.


As events evolve, Salih gives Kuvayı Milliye an escape from forgotten and abandoned. Another thing that compels him to make this decision is his close friend Niko’s participation in the war against the Ottomans. Saleh will pursue the revenge of this betrayal and play a major role in the struggle for liberation. Kuvva orders a death order about the Hodja who is not aligned. He escapes from Akşehir with his marriage to Hodja and to his child and, most importantly, to the people, he takes refuge with the gang leaders. He survives the chase between Kuvva and himself, and takes refuge in a town with his own man. Kuvva is sorry for missing Hodja and assigns him to find him. Hodja is now on the account of which side to take place.


Kuvayı Milliye is gaining success and strengthening day by day. Salih finds Hoca and convinces him to work for Kuvva by giving up his sultan’s service. Together they join the gang of Çerkez Ethem’s brother Tevfik Bey. Çerkez Ethem and his brothers have taken on one of the biggest roles in the national struggle and have achieved successes against both hostilities and riots. But now, when it comes to the order of the regular army and Ismet Pasha, Circassian Ethem and his brothers have taken the opposite stance and have opened the flag of rebellion against Kuvva and Ankara (information spectrum). Hodja believes that this path is wrong and plans to turn them in this way. The aim of Hodja is to weaken their power in case of a possible rebellion, even if Cerkez Ethem and his brothers do not discourage him from taking a front against Kuvva. In the meantime, Hodja Salih’i Akşehir to get news.

The news that Hoca is working for the benefit of Kuvva is announced by Salih to a few people who are only Kuvvacı in Akşehir and creates satisfaction. The Kuvvacılar (Hodja), who is the Doctor who gave the great service to the National Movement in particular, has great pleasure from Hodja’s participation in their ranks.


Hoca Ethem’in İsmet Pasha service to attack the biggest attack in the Kutahya attack on him by playing a game that provides the greatest service to the National Forces. Ethem will seek refuge in the Greeks. Hodja hates people who have a passion for holding all this passion and power. There is now a struggle on the other side of the battlefield, and now the power strife is a big threat. Hodja discovers this with pain. Ankara is aware of the achievements of Hoca and invited him to Ankara.


Accepting the invitation, Hodja sees the situation of Ankara closely, and he thinks that fighting on the front is easier than fighting the wrong-minded and traitors in this power struggle. Fevzi Pasha shows closeness to Hodja. Hodja understands the importance of all these personalities. The country is heading for victory, and Ankara and Melis have a big job at this point.


Meanwhile, Küçük Ağa, İstanbul Hodja meets with Kuvvacı Doktor, whom he knew himself from in Aksehir and once argued because of his opposing ideas. The Doctor tells Hoca the happiness of such a respected person joining in their ranks and tells that the only person who knows his true identity is only himself, except those who know him as Little Aga. Hodja, longing for the miss misses his wife and child.


Küçük Ağa, together with Fevzi Pasha, came to Akşehir and saw that he was not recognized and known as Küçük Ağa. He gets information about his wife and child and finds his child, but his wife is in poor condition. She tells her husband that he is coming but the woman is about to die and he says that he has entrusted his son to Hodja, and days later he dies. Hodja then returns to Ankara and continues to fight.

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