Halim, who has been working in a government office in Istanbul, plays a role in ruling the Kingdom, which he created, instead of living in a big city as a nightmare for being a civil servant and being insulted by his family as an impotent man.

Halim is the king of the Argos he created, and the only reality of life is seeking Eros for the beginning of love. In this search Ali-Kushezir has been working with his best friend since childhood. -It helps.

One day, Halim went to his house to work with Ali in the same government department and took his salary that day; However, five pounds from the salary, the boss’s child was cut for the circumcision. As usual, he gives the money to his wife Nasip. Nasip understands that the money is missing five pounds and asks. Nasim was very angry when Halim explained the situation. Halim does not want to enter the discussion and closes the subject without extending. In the evening, Halim is drawn into the room and suddenly consists of a space in the form of armed soldiers and a sofa in the form of a huge noise. King, Halim’in five pounds against the salary of his boss is brought and the interrogation is brought. As punishment, forty sticks are cut. In the morning, Halim tells his wife that he will be visiting his sister after leaving work in the evening and that he may be late.

Nasip immediately asks him why. When Halim says that he wants to give some money, Nasip gets angry and opposes him for rebelling, thinking that it is time for some of the things he has long wanted to say. Halim doesn’t care much about this and prefers to be silent instead of extending the subject. They go out of the house and go to work, then work out with Ali as usual, then Halim leaves to go with his sister. Her sister says she is in a lot of curiosity, although Halimue’s son Rahmi obviously does not care much about it for several days. Halim says that he will be interested in Rahmi and after leaving some money he leaves.

After leaving her older sister, she goes to the hard drive she joins to find Rahmi, and she discovers that her best friend Rahmi loves and abducts a girl, but that this girl has escaped without telling anybody from her shame because she is known to be a brothel or common wife. Halim is a little surprised to hear of this, but knows that he should not make his sister think about it. The next day he visits his sister again and explains the situation, but does not tell the truth about her condition. Her sister is in a state of uncertainty as to whether she will be happy or sad about this incident. But at least it was relieved. One day, Halim goes to the place where Rahmi stays and learns how they are. Because there is nothing to worry about, she leaves them alone without a word.

One day Halim entered the house and saw that his daughter Ayşe, lying in bed, was sick in the bed and took her to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor who examined Ayse says that she knows Halim; Halim couldn’t remove it. When Halil Hayriye, Mrs. Halim, and Ali, their children, were playing in the same neighborhood as a child and Hal? Ali’s bad memory to come; When he was a child, Aliuns eye was unintentionally taken by Aliereks eyes and Aliereks one eye was blind.

Hayriye told Halim that he liked Ali and that he had not married to marry him, so he asked Halim to explain it to Ali. Halim says that this is impossible, but once it can try. Halim opens this issue to Ali, but Ali explains that he does not want to hear about it. Halim does not want to adhere to it.

Halim is among the most respected and honest staff in the apartment. One day Muavin Rıza Bey is retired from his own will and is replaced by Halim. Halim and its surroundings are very happy. Because there will be an increase in salary and some relief. However, he gets a bad news before he gets too happy with this happy news: His sister has died from a heart attack. The reason is; His son, Rahmi’nın married woman learns that the girl is a brothel. Halim draws his hand from work to power in the face of this incident, goes back to the apartment to start work after recovering again; but when he learns that he has been taken over as deputy, his world is destroyed.

Halim no longer has any expectation from the world and goes home, not knowing what to do. At a time when no one is in the kitchen, he opens the tub and opens the gas. In the meantime, he spends the day in front of his eyes with the bad events that he has been through his life.

Halim: He is married and has one daughter. Halim lives a quiet and honest family life and works as a civil servant in a government office.

Nasip: Halim married a difficult day to marry her husband, who complained about the life of a housewife married.

Ayse: An 8-year-old girl who was just attending primary school, but not much in the novel.

Ali: Halim’s best friend, Ali, hasn’t gone apart with Halim since they lived.

Hayriye: When Ali and Halim were young, they were friends with Hayriye, who lived in the same neighborhood.

Rahmi: He is the only son of Halim kadars sister, but suffices his mother enough.

Nurten: It is the wife of Rahmi who later agreed.

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