Then, at home, he remembers the memories of not forgetting the memory of his father. She says that she no longer ties to another mother, that she no longer connects to her father, but that her religion completely fills her heart. Nihat finishes the claim and his father’s salary is attached to his mother. They’re planning to move to their old house and rent out this new house. In the meantime, the new house is a debt of timber debt that says Keresteci Hayim Efendi. Nihat complains of loneliness. One day they come home guests: Yenge Güler and his daughter Şehnaz. Here they talk about their lives and their family: the money that comes from Tunisia, the scoundrel in Kanlica, in Kanlica and so on.

Then they go to Kanlica with his mother. Here, the couch on the shore of the Bosphorus with the Bosphorus is remarkable. They’re holding her hands. Here are the other residents of the lean; The eldest daughter, Mehru, talks about carnation kalfa. She says that at night she protected her mother and she could not sleep. They have breakfast in the morning. In the daytime the philosopher Ziya Refik comes to the sea. She is ashamed to come to this notorious person. But later his mother calls and encourages Ziya Refik conversation with her There are celebration ceremonies of the Navy at night. Tonight night for Nihat, a very happy night when he met Philosopher Ziya Refik, on the other hand, they lived on the sofa with Şehnaz Nih

The next day, he goes to the Sarayburnu casino with the invitation of Ziya Refik. He is catching a chatter with Şair Kemal Fahir, Cafer Nurettin, A. Şemsettin, Rıza Göktekin and others. In the conversation, the beauty of the syllable is revealed. Kemal Fahir wants to read the poem he read from him. Ist Rıza Göktekin Bey asked for his gratitude in the association magazine. ”By saying.

With the death of his father, his mother is forced to worship and eat more. Nihat Şehnaz is writing a letter. The time spent at the Sarayburnu casino makes him happy.

Then when he goes back to the association, he gets his hand ripped for 1 lira as royalty money. Nihat is having one of the happiest days of his life. She comes home with supplies. And her mother is very happy. This breed brought to her home gives Nihat Ahmet a maturity. But in a week this money is exhausted again a sadness is collapsing. In the meantime, the Topal Postman brings Nihat’a Şehnaz’s letter.

Her sister-in-law, Gülter, is coming home. She came to Istanbul to buy cloth for the dress. Tailor Eftalya’ya we give you a dress, he says. Her mother rejoices. She’s thinking about what happened in her bed that night, Nihat.

While the tailor Şehbazyan takes the size of the dress, Nihat is blown away with joy. This is the first dress sewn on him. She’s got the makeshift dresses she’s been wearing.


Aunt Hasibe comes home after. It’s not just Nihat’s, but the midwife of all the children and young people in the neighborhood. At dinner, his mother refers to A girl from the palace with blond hair and green eyes, which Aunt Hasibe offered to him. Nihat recalls Shehnaz in the face of this offer.

She compares her new dress and old dresses and believes her new clothes have changed. Nihat believes that when he put on his old clothes, he is again Nihat. After all, together with her mother, they cry and think about old times and memories.

They live in Iqbal Casino in Nuruosmaniye and live with other people, and then they are recorded with A. Şemsettin and his beloved woman in the park.

Aunt Hasibe also finds her mother a Miralay. He’s not Nihat, but his mother feels very sad.

They’re going to Kanlıca. When they went there, Şehnaz had gone to Sarıyer to see his relatives. Nihat tries to imagine what she is going through by closing her eyes. Meanwhile, philosopher Ziya Refik’s curiosity of being qualified in every job is focused on Nihat’s attention.

Şehnaz turns from Sarıyer and closes Nihat’s eyes and jokes. Nihat feels it and understands his love is in an earthquake.

Dinner at Ziya Refik evs house. As he drank more drinks than he drank in life and did not listen to Şehnaz’s indulgence in his drinking suggestions, the words he had gone to Şehnaz’ in Sarıyer and the misconceptions that Ziya Refik had thought about his naked arm maid and his wife. Nihat, who remembers what she did in the morning, says, at Let’s go home layan to her mother. Together with her mother, they are returning to their homes with the first ferry without their knowledge. On the ferry morning, he makes an opinion about a possible security in the sea. Astonishment of his superior, Shehnaz’un upset Yen

When they return home, Nihat is being taken prisoner because of what they have done. After a lunch, his mother gives a mecidiye and tells his friends to go and open some. As he leaves the house, it seems to him differently than usual.

The next day comes the Gülter Aunt. He says that everyone is drunk that night, and Ziya Refik has even made a mistake at her maid’s side, the servant.

When he wakes up in the morning, his mother, Aunt Hasibe and Gülter listen to the heated debate between his aunt. They cannot share Nihat. While his mother and Aunt Hasibe made efforts to marry him to the court they found, Gülter aunt struggles for Şehnaz. Nihat is entering the room. After what happened in the room, Hasibe Aunt goes out of the house with a raging reproach. The three remaining weepers are crying. Then Gülter aunt and his mother are kissing. Nihat is also surprised by this. The eyes of the new neighbors’ girls in the garden, the eyes of her, are referring to her thoughts.

Next day he goes to the casino where he considers the landscapes of man and the environment he sees in Bayezid. In the evening they go to the house of Hilmi Bey with A. Şemsettin. Here are people’s superior gambling passions, Hilmi Bey’s mistress attracts his attention. She stays here until late at night. Then came out of the mother thinking about how to wonder about her mother come to home as the mother is facing. He’d just take the coat to look for him, come home, and come home with no talking. They talk to the mother in the morning. The weather is rainy. He talks about the traces of rain on him.

After a day, the rain is listening. Nihat throws himself into the hills of Camlica. Here, after contemplating Şehnaz and staying for a while, he landed in Üsküdar. When he returns home, he wonders the answer to a letter to Shehnaz. Meanwhile, a cat he sees in the street reminded him of the neighborhood’s elders, Rasime Hanim and his cats. That day, his sister-in-law comes home. Seeing the letter sent to Sehnaz in her briefcase, Nihat is throwing herself into the streets. He’s stopping by the magazine and taking his money. He’s brewing in a pub, coming home with a phaeton. His mother and uncle welcome him at home. His uncle said that at breakfast he would marry Sehaj. In the meantime, Nihat regrets his mother sad, mother does not want to go. It is quite meaningful for the son and his brother to say,! I have Allah! This is more important than showing that he is a devotee of his religion. In the evening often wake up, sleeping with nightmares. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his mother read the Quran. In the meantime, Nihat is having a long and difficult illness.

At the time of recovery and in his mother’s day, his mother told him that he had a sister named Gülter, and that Shehnaz had come and was looking at him through the door. When it’s raining, he opens the window and pulls out the smell of soil from his lungs. That reminds him of his father. Crying for a while. When they go to the café, they encounter A. Şemsettin and they worry about it for a while. When he returns home, his mother speaks to the sister of the Gulling sisterhood and Ziya Refik. Nihat’i happy to say that the wedding will be done in the waters of Ziya Refik.

His mother sells earrings for wedding preparations and Nihat Niha buys stuff like dress shoes. Nihat is in agreement and thinks that his mother will be left alone at home.


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