Istanbul has always been a sanctuary for provincial people. Those who connect their hopes to Istanbul would migrate here by selling their land, the worshiper. The stone went to Constantinople with gold.

Those who complete any middle school in Anatolia seek the bright star of the future in Istanbul. They flock to Istanbul from the sea and land. Then they settled in Sirkeci, Hocapaşa, Demirkapı. They would live in a cheap hotel room where they would continue their lives. In the meantime, they would surely meet someone familiar. Here Abdüssamet Kadri is one of these people. He comes to Istanbul with a letter of recommendation. He searches for an address in Sirkeci but cannot find it. He sees a rental room on the turn.

He arrives at this building with old walls and knocks on the door. Kadri wants to give up when he sees that the room is very dirty and neglected, but he admits the view of Istanbul and rents the room. Madam Perla, the owner of the room, says something like, As a matter of fact, Madam Perla’s house comes to Kadri as a lucky and rises to the directorate within one year, and her economic situation is improved. This change is reflected in the floor of the room.

Kadri’s life changes one day when he sees his childhood friend named Mehmet Ferdi. In the face of Ferdi’s tactless movements, Kadri places his identity as Ferdi. The purpose of Ferdi’s arrival is to discuss with Kady the leader of the electrical society and to think that Kadri will prevent him from being dismissed from society. Kadri says that if he does not want to help when he hears the incident, he will then handle it by telephone. Kadri, who threw himself out with Ferdi’s departure, begins to think about the friends he has not thought about until today. Now she starts to feel free. As he walks on the road this way he encounters Shekip. What are you doing here this time? I will go to the question of electrical society. She says that Shekip has a job in the society and asks her to go together and they go away.

He / she talks with the principal in person and takes the house address of Ferdi. Initially he thought to report this event by letter, but he finds it right to go home. When he arrives at the address, he thinks that Ferdi cannot sit in that house. Then he learns that he lives there. When he arrives at the house, he opens the door to Ferdi and invites him inside. He tells Ferdi and he gets up to go. He meets Ferdi’s wife at the door. Ms. Ayşe Ferdi invites you to dinner for the thanks. Upon this, Mrs. Ayşe wants to go to the apartment to come another day. She does not want to break Ayşe a second time and accepts the invitation.

In the meantime, Madam Perla says that a lady called Leman wants to talk to him. Although Kadri does not know this person, they stay in the same building. Kadri Leman does not have any meaning for the lady to meet with him but says that they can meet in the apartment. In the apartment, Leman cannot meet with Mrs. Kadri due to the intensity of Kadri’s work. Madam Perla, who learns the situation, tells her that she’ll necessarily put her up to Kadri. A day later they go in Kadri’s way. She invites Lady Kadri to the house. Once inside, Kadri sits down in a chair and Leman watches and thinks that she is going to ask about the apartment. However, Leman does not want to give money for his immediate relatives, Kadri then says he will provide the money tomorrow. Leman met someone that night and said he would bring the money tomorrow. The male puts a buse on the lips’ lips and leaves. Kadri gives the money to Leman and Leman to her lover.

When morning, Kadri wakes up with a light on his face. Because Ferdi’s house will go as a guest. It awakens in a joy. He arrives at Kadri’s house in the evening. They return to their childhood memories at dinner. The house from the cold when it first arrived is now warm with memories. At the end of the meal, take out a private business. He asks Kadri to wait at the house until he arrives. With Ferdi’s departure, Ayşe tells Kadri her concerns about Ferdi and asks her to help. Although Kadri waits, Ferdi doesn’t come and Kadri leaves home without waiting longer. Kadri (information starts to go to this house after today. One day, when he goes home, Ferdi opens the door and invites him inside. It is good that Ayse is ready to come and tells him what they want to say to him in his absence. He warns Mr. Kadri not to interfere in his life. She gets mad about information about herself. If you’re gonna keep doing this, he’il come home. But Kadri continues to live at home in the face of these words. Meanwhile, Ayse comes home and the event closes.

After Kadri Ferdi’s words, he connects Ayse to his love for not to interfere with his private life. He expresses his love for Ayşe in a letter. She says that you love her very much and she can make you very happy.

After writing the letter Kadri gives it to the post. He gets excited when he thinks he’il come. She faints as she cannot bear the thrill. Three days have passed since he sent himself the letter. He asks if he has received a letter and asks Madam Perla to bring all the letters in the apartment, but there is no letter from the letters. In short, he couldn’t answer his love. During her illness she starts a friendship with Leman. After his recovery, he visits Leman, but finds out that Leman has gone somewhere for a couple of weeks despite his promise to do so. She’s all alone now.

Rescued from her illness, Kadri goes to work and a letter on her desk in her apartment draws her attention. This letter is the letter. Ayse asks when they can meet her. Kadri with a car goes to Ayse and wait a while after they meet at the door. Ayse tells Kadri that her husband had left the house three days ago. After learning the incident, Ayse asks for the letter and says that she did not read the letter so that her friendship would not be broken. Although he wants Kadri to promise to remain friendly, he doesn’t get a full answer, but Kadri accepts it in himself and tells him that he is sick. Ayşe asks her nanny and tells her that she wants to thank her. Kadri stated that this was impossible because the caretaker left home three days ago. This is an interesting coincidence.

Ayşe’den received a reply Kadri into the closes and itself söyleşir. Did wrong is known to the love of the front of not exceed. Melissa with the first he met need to think and his ferdiyle married to be unfair acts as. This love to forget Istanbul out of exit want and the physician şekip’ten report to write want to. Bounce his lovesick is to know in spite of her love questions about the asks at the end of Kadri report takes. On the road walking down the ayse with encounters and her a tea garden ferdi’yi love I do not love asks. Melissa it is still very love and kadriye friendly keep tell Kadri destroyed. Melissa kadri’nin itself I do not love thought because sevseydi açılmazdı and in to live. Melissa and Kadri three days görüşmektedir. Kadri with him very happy but received a Telegraph the individual that learns. This kadri’yi very sinirlendirir. But ayseee by the due to again electrical sosyetesine goes. The individual society to re-acceptance of provided it ayseee a Telegraph reported. The hands of the White paper what to write thinking about the Leman Lady encounters. The individual the advent of the Leman the arrival of a connection between the set up two of them in a relationship groove moments. No longer White paper what to write knows. Promised, such as the Leman the House of expense and in the kuşkudan to get rid of the individual with their relationship tells. The response doubts the right out. But still not sure. After a day of ferdilere expense and with it at the door encounters. Her trip, two people that you know that words says. Them ayseee to tell if wanted the reverse can be considered for ayşe’nin her husband even more sevmesini to provide words says. Kadri Aisha not seen a week has been. From a phone individual ayşe’nin very patient is a must to arrive need to tell. Kadri that pain ayseee runs. At the door individual meets and her ayşe’nin into the room passes. It is friendly women’s now faded a condition was. Leaning hands avucuna taking kissing begins. This kiss very different because ayse death was going to and a more görmeyeceğinin fire had. A December ayse your eyes opened and closet to it is something that, he said. Kadri Cabinet opening its written letter of took. After ayse to sleep dived. Kadri from the room taking a doctor şekip’i brought. But garden gate in Imam it scared and this korkularında yanılmadığını doctor şekip’in lyrics confirmed. Now this at home to it something kalmadığını thinking left home. On the road walking down the hand of the letter multiplies as if hand ayşe’nin grave Stone hit thinker and the hiccups drowns. Kadri ayşe’nin the death of his Sadly the House of expense and letters reads. Ayşe’nin letters yırtmadığını no, although even in the heart of nakşettiğini wrote. Kadri soon as possible Wall looks and Aisha lost moments. Tan ağarırken hadika Street VAR and the last time ayşe’nin House looks. Kadri ayşe’nin the House of a Buse roads and the spirit of welfare regains. Kadri ayşe’nin tomb just a bunch of roses and to the a grave does not go. No longer itself to him is dedicated to. Work interested in the apartment anyone konuşmamaktadır. In the meantime, the individual House babysitter hanife’yi your own home takes. There’s the individual hanife’yi away from home kovması effective. One day ayşe’nin a letter of the heart of nakşettiğini moments is no longer him to the heart of having. Such months passes and one day sad even though the doctor şekip’i sees. Bounce very favorite a patient lost and the death of separation as sees. But Kadri such does not think since love the heart of yaşatmaktadır. Leman sadness and kederden a few weeks yaşlanmıştır. Lover to meet Gara goes but lover came home (information returns. At the door kadriyle encounters. Lemanla a bit after talking to help him to think and ferdiyle again want to talk, but it does not. One day the individual’s home foreclosures that learns, and items sale in order to prevent hadika the Street goes. Ferdiyle speak. Individual messy and a dirty still. Individual kadriye his wife her love physically even if ruhen he says. A bağırışmadan after Kadri it would help tells and Leman hanıma to return want, but the individual it does not accept. Member of a gambler, and that the only the purpose of the United States a casino to open it is say, and the House divided into. Kadri’nin is no longer the spirit of comfortable because ayşe’nin wants to thing made. Events over two years passes. Kadri Thursday evenings a place expense and rested as returns. Madame Perla you how much araştırdıysa also not find. One day meeting due to go somewhere growing up trip to Friday postpones. Home there is Hanifa Lady opens the door. No longer Hanifa Lady here overlooks. This is the individual drain the kadrinin the most Mesut days of his hadikapı’daki place. Everything is of domestic it is over. The table double food prepared. The door player and Leman different feeling when this at home kadriyle encounters. After talking to go to the ayaklanır but kadri’nin sign in a place sits. Kadri’nin told at the end of the hiccups strangled away from home say goodbye without are divided. This is on the Kadri at a time here to experience the decide. Your eyes empty seats in sew and the following words mırıldanır: here I am I so I love ayse! And you kavuşacağım the day and hours “this heart you like this will love”.

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