Sarıpınar is one of the forgotten towns of Anatolia. The town’s dignitaries organize a night’s entertainment to color their monotonous lives. The Governor of Halil Hilmi Efendi is invited to entertain the entertainment.

In the most mobile moment of entertainment, everyone gives himself to the lagging dance of the dancer while the Director of Goods shouts Mal friendship is an earthquake Mal causes a great panic. Those who entertain the fun and start running away. Many of them are slightly injured, especially Kaymakam Bey. In the meantime, the news of the ambassador journalists engaged in amateur journalism news newspaper headlines in the newspaper. Newspapers with shortage in Istanbul open a charity campaign to Sarıpınar. The magnitude of the event grows as the outside of the governor’s will grows.

They first come to the town to check the governor and his entourage. The governor sees that the incident is not the same as the report. On the other hand, the news of the Sarpokan earthquake, especially the palace, attracted the attention of the world public. Help starts to fall. Şehzade Şemsettin Efendi’nin members of the press representing the palace to visit the town, including the Governor of the other managers to the stalemate. There are only one way out. To give a real earthquake image into the town.

Synopsis of the book

Sarıpınar was one of the forgotten towns of Anatolia. To celebrate the monotonous life of the town’s elders, Omer Bey, a leading city in the town, organized a night entertainment. All the important figures of the town, especially the prefect, were there. Ömer Bey brought a Bulgarian girl to add color to the fun. It was the time when fun was warmest. Exactly at this moment Commodity Manager Cevdet Efendi suddenly standing up to the basement said friends. Then everyone became anxious and started to run. Halil Hilmi Efendi was in the middle of the crowd. She wobbled back and forth with her arm and leg movements as if she had waved in a wavy sea. Then he tripped over something and was blown up. Beyond that, dark, screaming, sounds and buzzing öt

When the governor opened his eyes, he saw himself lying in the bed of a portable soldier in the garden of the Government House. Her body was wrapped in bandages. According to him, his own gendarmerie was hurt slightly. Even though the district governor was wrapped around him, he felt a slight numbness in his body. But according to Dr. Arif Bey, his injuries were very important. There was no survivors in town. Only eight or ten people were injured. These were the ones who were injured in a staircase accident at Omer Bey’s house.

Commander Niyazi Efendi’da the whole night, went around town, had made the investigation, thank goodness there was no. However, the Mayor of the Municipality Rifat, the town is in ruins, the district governor is among the seriously injured in Istanbul newspapers and telegraphs. Halil Hilmi Efendi, who considers cases to always show a slight basis in a professional life, turned mad in the face of Rıfat’s movement. Mayor Reşit Bey took his share of this nerve.

It was shaken by the Istanbul Sarıpınar plot. All the newspapers published this news on the front page. Even poems were written on Zelzele. Meanwhile, the townsmen came to visit the district governor, and wish him to get past. It’s been going on all day. Now he felt calm to settle his head and the district governor Reşit Bey entered inside while he thought he had time to listen. He had a telegram and a telegram in his hand. Zelzele news in the entire province has awakened a deep teessür, so a sanitary emergency committee was about to set off. But to whom was this delegation sent to. There were no more than eight out of ten people. He couldn’t figure out how to get out of it, prefect. He set up a three-member commission for the Mayor. These were the Director of Goods, the Director of the Intelligence and the Engineer’s Kazim. When the commission heard that the commission helped the needy in the town, the refugees had risen. Everyone was demanding money from the commission by linking the incident to the incident. In the full week of the Zelge, when it came to the charity delegation, it was very complicated. Deputy Kayapam Eşref’ta was next to the aid delegation. When Halil Hilmi Efendi saw the Governor acting as the Governor he understood that the fig would be planted. Esref was one of the relatives of the governor Hamid Bey. For now, the District Governor and the Mayor were busy finding a place for the charity and the deputy governor.

The Zelzele seemed to be forgotten. The tents of the relief committee were unopened. Since the delegation had no help to the public, the people were helping the delegation. But everything had a border. The help delegation received orders and searched everywhere and found nothing. Accident management center deceived to say they had no language. In the middle of the absence of eggs in the middle of the velvet and giving the damage to the treasure of the town administration should be asked to account. The future of Mutasarrıf Hamit Bey was telegraphed. Everyone was in a new hurry. Halil Hilmi Efendi now knew that his end was coming close. When he learned that the governor would eat dinner at Omer Bey’s house and that he would be invited, he also understood that his rope had been pulled. There was going to be a discovery at the scene. In the town, there were eight and ten injured in the ball, and this happened in this house. Rakı, they drink, women play, then it would be revealed that they always escaped from the facility. But the night Halil Hilmi Efendi was not afraid.

The first General Harp was approaching, but the Sarıpınar incident still did not lose its speed. On the other hand, rumors about the extravagance were spreading. The minister and the secretary of the interior were instructing the Governor to go to Sarıpınar immediately. The future of the governor was the beginning of a new drama drama comedy for everyone.

Finally, the Governor came to Sarıpınar. His first job was to travel around town. In this trip, the governor and the mayor were being rebuked by the Governor at every opportunity, or they were ridiculed in a roundabout. The governor hoped he’d fix it up in two days. But the situation was not that simple. The governor screwed things up and the mutasarra was a feather. As the chief governor of the province, they would certainly make a share of it. There was no trace of the town. But the filth, the fly, the malaria surrounded the town. And their aid money was growing day by day. News (information spectrum) if the originals would go to the very head. Things were getting pretty bad. The telegraph was taken to the governor and the chief of Şehzade Şemsettin Hazratlerin set out to the town within three days was reported to come to the town. If Şehzade Şemsettin Efendi saw a charming and charming town instead of a ruined town, the dishonesty of the administration would be completely revealed.

The governor was picking up the town’s elders and trying to find a way out. The most brilliant idea belonged to the engineer Kazım. Even if Sarıpınar did not pass through the site, three-quarters of Sarıpınar was ruined. Even the most favorite buildings were uninhabitable. It was already like the Sarpınar zelzele. The only thing to be done was a little more earthquake. The engineer Kazim identified the buildings to be demolished and destroyed them all. Finally, the prince and his delegation had come to town. The prince could not believe his eyes. Zelzele really ruined the town. He then went to visit the district governor, who was seriously wounded, and appreciated Kaymakam Bey, who showed great sacrifice despite his injury. Halil Hilmi Efendi had broken a shroud.

Upon this visit, the Sarıpınar district was once again shaken in the columns of the local and foreign newspapers and, in addition to its deficiencies, once again an incredible iane rain fell on the wound to wrap the wounds. Many repairs, paints and brand new buildings were built in the town. Halil Hilmi Efendi, who has become indestructible with the ball, has come to an Ottoman order to decorate his chest.

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