One night, Hüsamettin was sitting with his wife and children. The door was stolen, and an old old man appeared.


Hussein was thinking how he met with Vecdi on the way. He and his friends were very good. At this moment, Vecdi’s situation should be very bad. When Hüsam.s seeing that she had come, she showed her the left hand eye in the office and said bulunan I forgive you. H He was thinking about it. He also talked about someone else.


Vecdi first mentioned the death of his mother. His mother had lost her life one morning and the father took her aunt and left due to their work. She had a daughter named Nigar. His daughter was about two and a half years old. They were both staying in the same room. Spending time with each other playing and having fun. One day, Vecdi’s father called them. They had a teacher on them.


When he was seven years old, they started sending him to school. He was less interested in Vecdi Nigar and less interested in him. He told him that he had met and was a very good friend. Vecdi was taking him home on weekends. That year, Vecdi finished school, and Hussam had two more years.


At one point Vecdi told his aunt that he wanted to leave home with his aunt and let it leave.A previous Abraham drove him aside. It was hard to believe for Vecdi. Because he always loved Nigar as a brother and he still loved it.

Vecdi had a letter from Hüsam and met with him and Vecdi started to tell him what happened. Husses then told him that it was possible that he was younger, but as if with a pathetic expression on his face. Maybe he didn’t dare to tell but he really liked Nigar. He wanted to be with Nigar and tell him that he loved, but he could not. When they met Hüsam they found out that he was a writer. Nigar told Vecdi that he knew what his mother had to say about him and that such an event would not be possible. Vecdi himself said that he did not agree with this idea, not only because he did not want to upset his aunt. But he certainly did not say it that way, because he liked Nigar very much. Nigar bowed his head and said, öne Yes. “ The next day, Vecdi went to his house in Çamlıca by taking Hüsam. The day after, they both moved to pick up their belongings. Then they started to look at the pictures together. There was also a photograph of Nigar in it. Vecdi took photos and raised them on the shelf for dusting. Two days later a thought dragged Vecdi into it and Nigar’s photograph was lost.


When Vecdi was dining with Hüsam, he told him that only he could make him happy and that his aim was to see two as happy. On the day after that, and Hüsam and Nigar were married. Vecdi had thoroughly recovered himself from people and turned to a pavilion where he was left with despair. After five days Husayn and Nigar came to visit him. Nigar roamed the room and examined the paintings hanging on the wall. After they left Vecdi came out and met his colleagues from Tıbbiye. It was about war. Vecdi decided to go to the front with them.


He asked for the permission of his aunt and they set off on the train the next day. She decided to go to him. The soldiers brought him to the hospital. But he lost his left arm. Days passed and finally decided to return to Istanbul.


Vecdi first went to Hussein and then went to his aunt’s house. When his aunt found out that it had no arm, he screamed and started to cry. Nigar had two children, Ismet and Fuat.Jafdi thought that they did not love him.Vecdi rained when he left home.It was moving under cold snow-covered rain. When he got home he was trembling. She took out her notebook and written it like this.


The notebook was over. Hüsam stopped for a while. Then he stood and kissed his cold forehead with a long kiss.

The main idea of ​​the novel


Love is to think that you love yourself more than yourself.


Evaluation of Events and Individuals in the Book


The author emphasized sentimentality in all the events in the book. The events in the book pass around three people. As a doctor, Vecdi is deluded during his student years and in love with his heart of love, he is in a role of wanting to get away from everyone else.


Hüsam, a poet, is a person who only enjoys the pleasures and pleasures of poet-like life.


Nigar seems to be one of the two men in the incident; The person himself is the focal point in the book who is not aware of it.


Personal Opinions about the Book


Although the events in the book were in the time of Servet-i Finun, the language of the book was written as simple as to be understood.


The author prioritizes emotionality; Although the time and space in terms of the events of the book, the book has brought a gripping.

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