The man and and his house owner


The author rents a room in the house of Abraham’s master (Ayaşlı) .The daughter settles back with the help of a soft girl.His name is Halide. The next day while waiting for Halide in the kitchen, the driver meets and meets his mother. Then they meet with Faika, the daughter of the elderly woman. The woman always complains because of not reading by her son.

One day in the weeks of the first move the author leaves the room in the morning to go to work Halide’nın sees the bed.He is a doctor to a friend that sends him. One day, two young people come to the consul’s house. Şefik bey asks Halide to have a tablecloth. He asked for Halide to be fired.

In the apartment 8, a young husband and a young woman with a young child sit (men: Abdülkerim bey, female: İffet Hanım) .This couple (information range) has three children and two die. this young couple constantly argue and find no solution.

A merchant with the name of Skanderbeg is moved to the number six. All tenants sitting in Ayaşlı’s house become more obscure by transporting the Iskender brain.

Ayaşlı’nın tenants sitting at number 8 he never speaks with Turan and Mr Khaki bey’le Skender and thanks to each other come and go and start to gamble each other.

When the head of the law is moved to another place at number 9, a man named Hüseyin Bey is moved to the place of the man, and this man has a court with a lot of field work.

Every night, Turan continues to gamble at her house (a boy named Cevat brings customers to gamble at Turan). They can not.

Halide finds the child (Rasim) who conceives him and tells the situation. The rent rents him a house and waits for the child to be born. He leaves a housemaid in Halide. The author makes this woman and her daughters difficult.

Turan misses the woman who understands her. One day at a lunch (while the writer is lying in his bed) The door is played. Open the door and finds the lady Turan face.He asks whether or not a thin-mouthed tweezers. However, the door is stolen. In the meantime, the door of the bank officer’s doctor’s friend Fahri’dir.Turan lady leaves the room by the way.Fahri tells the director that the manager is sick. The author liked the girl very much.

Ayaşlı Abdulkerim’e eaten and everyone goes to dinner in the Ayaşlının room. After the meal, the author does not leave the author alone and says that he wants to walk in the snow and insist on this issue. The writer writes that the proximity of the women to her may be dangerous for her and her husband when they get married.

The writer learns that Faika’s mother Makbule is running a brothel and is married to Ayaşlı. Then she learns about the situation in Hasanbey and both of them want to leave the house. .The next day Cavide comes to the author and they talk about the job (range of, but the author realizes that Cavide wants to find more husbands than work. On the following days Cavide begins to come and go constantly. The author begins to believe more than he likes himself. The cavide almost every day comes to the side of the author. The rumor is that he will be lar marrying Cavitey Cav. want to find a job outside the province and throw the head ar.

One day the fight of gambling and the Turan lady moved to another house. Hasanbey’e stroke a month after the departure of the land.

The author wants to marry his friend Fahri and the wife of Melek asks the director as Bey.

Sefik brain suspects that the host had not come home for a few days and then they hear that the brain had been killed.

Shortly after the end of the author, Hasanbey’s daughter Selime marries and they want to have a child. They lose Ayaşlı these days when they are very happy .


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