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Spring comes with joy and enthusiasm, but brings with it diseases. Sudden weather changes cause physical and spiritual changes. Heat and pressure changes in the atmosphere, increased pollen and the effect of the sun heart diseases, allergies, skin diseases and kidneys are more common. Our heart is affected by all these changes. It is seen that the frequency of heart attacks is more common in the seasons. An increase in upper respiratory tract infections along with changes in temperature and pressure in the spring can trigger the risk of heart attack. In addition, people in the risk group as well as heart disease can be affected. Because of the warming of the air due to sweating as a result of fluid loss in the body with the blood in the blood and coagulation can occur. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Acıbadem Adana Hospital Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. In spring, Gülcan Abalı talked about what people with heart disease or people at risk should pay attention to.


Attention to heart diseases in the transition of the season!
Warm heart
The humidity in the air increases with increasing temperatures. This results in loss of water and minerals. People using diuretic drugs should consume plenty of water. Especially heart disease patients who have too much sweating or weight problems should be more careful about it. The fluid that is lost in the body with sweating causes a decrease in blood flow and darkening. In the hot environment, blood pressure may drop or rise as blood attacks the skin to cool itself. This can lead to heart failure, unexpected heart attacks, rhythm disturbances, sudden onset of heart failure and hospitalization.

Take care not to sweat
The skin and kidneys react primarily to the sudden changes in temperature during the season. When the temperature increases, the skin tries to keep the body temperature in balance, while the kidneys slow down the urine production in order to maintain the water content in the body. As a result, the blood in the body darkens and the tendency for clotting is increasing. For this reason, in addition to healthy and regular nutrition, it is important to wear clothing that will not cause sweating and live a life that is suitable for season and temperatures. People with hypertension and kidney disease should consume plenty of water and take care to take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. In addition, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages with a diuretic effect, gaseous and excess sugary liquid foods should be avoided.

Ask your doctor about your workouts
People who feel good with the positive effect of the weather in spring want to exert more effort. Regular physical exercises and five hours of exercise are suitable for age. In this case, patients with heart disease who continue their follow-up, the type of sports they are planning to consult and their durations, as well as the doses of the drugs they need to use to check again.


Your blood pressure should not rise
To reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure should be kept under control. In particular, people with blood pressure disease and people in the risk group once a month, the same day, the blood pressure at a certain time to measure several times. The measured value should be 140 mmHg for high blood pressure and 90 mmHg for small blood pressure. In cases exceeding these values, a specialist should be consulted. People who use blood pressure medication should continue their treatment without disrupting.

Limit your salt intake
Excessive salt consumption affects many organs, mainly kidneys and heart, and therefore our overall health. Excessive amounts of salt is caused by an increase in blood pressure, which affects the health of the vessel negatively. To protect against cardiovascular disease, think again before throwing salt at meals.

Cigarettes and alcohol increase clotting
Smoking increases the tendency of clotting by darkening the blood while causing blockage in the arteries. For this reason, people in the risk group who have heart disease and heart disease, who want to quit smoking as soon as possible to seek solutions. Excess alcohol consumption can cause the blood to thicken and clot with the effect of diuretic effect, and can change the effects of the drugs used.

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