woman who is going to die


The novel is based on a real case. He wrote the story of the murder of mansions in newspapers years ago after a two-year research.


The novel is considered as three sections.


In the first chapter, the midnight views of the judge facing the case of düşün Yalı Murderi Birinci are explained. The judge dives in the memories and thoughts due to the case. When they are children, their eyes are coming.



The judge lived in a neighborhood that was put on a night. They have one bedroom, their mother’s maid sisters work in a factory. Since the judge is deceived by his wife, he looks at all women with this eye. Therefore, he considers Angel as guilty and his thoughts are interrupted with the idea that he has hung Melek. His wife is the daughter of a rich family. His wife, who is small, loves and befriends someone else. One day the magistrate catches his wife in love with his lover and throws his lover into prison with a play. The man is killed in jail. His wife thinks that it’s her husband who kills and she gets back with other men to avenge it. Because of this incident, the judge thinks of all the women, even the mother and the sisters, even with other men. He remembers his childhood years among all thoughts.


He’s got his only friend. His friend is the child of a rich family. he became friends because he was rich. His friend’s house is very beautiful, he always wants to go home. His mother asked her to bring her friend home for a while. The judge believes this is a woman’s lover.


The judge’s thoughts go on like this in the night.




In the second chapter, Melek’s thoughts and experiences take place.


Angel thinks about what will happen. He’s trying to remember how he got here when he thought about them. Childhood eyes. Her father was killed when she was little. Her mother married someone else. His stepdad befriends Melek. Her mother is silent in the face of all this. After the angel grew a little, he was given a mansion as a servant. She is interested in Neriman Hanım at Yalı. Neriman is an old lady. The angel takes care of everything. Neriman Hanım has a son named Hüsrev. Hüsrev Bey constantly harasses Melek. After a while, she dies. Hüsrev Bey has a half Turkish and half-Turkish speaking. After his death, Hüsrev Bey increased his harassment and raped Melek one day. Melek’s father married him so that he wouldn’t interfere in his work. Hüsrev Bey has a perverse character. He would bring the people whom he had found in the street, followed them, as if the aberrations he had made were not enough. Angel’s pain was in front of her one eye and went into them.


In the third chapter, Yalçın writes.




Yalçın believes that Melek did not say a word during the trial and dreamed about how he got there. He’il know that if he kills a man, he doesn’t feel like a murderer.


Her dreams always take her to the same day she sees Angel. When he first saw Melek came from the village so he didn’t find anything to care about. The second time when he saw the Angel changed so many years. Yalcin was separate from his family had no idea what was going on in the sea coast. The girl she saw at the beach had a keen interest, who was she? Kız Then her interest had fallen when she found out that she was Hüsrev Bey’s wife. When Yalçın was on holiday from school, he would go to coffee with his old friends (info-gallery). Yalçın’ın friends in the coffee because they think they knew the event was not too much contact with Yalçın. One day while sitting in Yalçın coffee shop, Hüsrev Bey came to the coffee. Yalçın’ın childhood friend Recep had. Yalçın Recep se asked why Hüsrev Bey was there. Recep told Yalcin all about everything. Yalçın was very surprised. She should have seen it herself, and the next day she and Hüsrev Bey went to the coast. Yalçın was also with Melek, but a few days later Yalçın regretted his actions and decided to save Melek.


He went to the yalı on a rainy night and shot Hüsrev Bey. They buried him in the garden of the water and got caught.


Despite all the witnesses, the court sentenced Melek to death and Yalçın to life imprisonment. Melek did not object to this decision as he did not object to anything during his whole life.



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